Please take the time to thoroughly read through the entire handbook, as it will answer many questions you may have now, or in the future.

First of all, WELCOME!

               Thank you for considering becoming a part of the Top Flight All-Star Family! You will be a part of an exciting program in which athletes train and compete at a nationally recognized level. We are even more excited to bring a highly longed for youth program to The Fountain City! Tara Kennedy and Alisha Caton bring a plethora of experience to the gym from cheer, dance, networking, business, and organization. We aspire to help our young athletes bring out the best in their skills, attitude, and teamwork. We are founded on Christian values, and pray that this organization will become a part of your family.  Our goal is to establish a program that will earn a prestigious reputation in the industry and our community for years to come. We are here to empower you both as individuals and young athletes in achieving your goals, and defeating the competition!

Soar Above!

Tara and Alisha

188 Medical Center Drive
Prattville, AL 36066
Tara (334) 313-2476/ Alisha (334) 391-0318

[email protected]


Description of the Top Flight All-Star Program **TINY TEAM  HANDBOOK AVAILABLE BY REQUEST**:

  • All squads are strictly competition and performance groups. The squads’ primary focus is to prepare for and compete in regional and national competitions. During the course of the year, the squads will focus on all of the components of cheerleading including: tumbling, jumps, motions, pyramids, partner stunts, and dance. While bettering themselves in these technical skills, they will also learn and practice the true meaning of: dedication, responsibility, work ethic, and sportsmanship.
  • Here at TOP FLIGHT, we are dedicated to the advancement of the sport of competitive cheer. Though our coaching methods are just one of many different styles, we feel that it is the best way to progress through this highly competitive activity successfully. As you will soon find out, this is NOT a recreational hobby. We at TOP FLIGHT take cheerleading to heart. We will dedicate ourselves to the success of the competitive teams.
  • TOP FLIGHT teams practice very hard and are very dedicated to the program. Please understand that parents are as much a part of the program as the athletes. Over the course of the season, you will be required to make many trips to the gym for team and individual practices as scheduled, as well as trips to the competition venues that can be anywhere from the River Region to throughout the South East.
  • All rules and regulations mentioned in this handbook will be enforced to both athletes and their parents at all times in order to provide a safe, productive, and fun learning environment, provoking a team camaraderie that is welcoming to all participants. 


Teams/ Divisions

      TOP FLIGHT consists of teams of different ages and ability levels. Teams may be added/discontinued/combined as necessary, and may result in a change of practice schedule as well as competition schedule. The coaching staff will make the decision on who competes as well as with which team(s) they compete. The head coach will always make the final judgment.


      Generally, most members will be chosen at the spring evals that will be held in April. We will be accepting male and female athletes ages 3-18 (athletes must be fully potty trained and able to use the restroom unaccompanied). All athletes will be placed on a team based on age,  ability and skill level. All fees for any outside cheer gyms in the River Region need to be current with no balance owed in order to become a part of the Top Flight cheer family. Only coaches make decisions about who makes and/or is allowed to join the squad as well as what teams they are placed on.



      Everyone in the All-Star program has an equal opportunity to participate. Please note that athletes may be removed from our program at any time for any reason. Typically, before dismissal, the squad member will be addressed of the problem so that we can attempt to resolve the situation. If further attention is needed after the first warning, the squad member and his/her parent(s) will be scheduled for a meeting with the coach(es) in order to find a more permanent solution for the problem.


Crew Chiefs (Team Parent(s))

One or two team parents needed per team + Helpers as requested by team parent(s).


  1. Be responsible for the Team Parent Bag at competitions (extra makeup, ponytail holders, bobby pins, bows, hair spray, socks, etc.)
  2. Recruit helpers for:
    1. Assisting with children at competitions (restroom breaks, snacks, general guidance) to ensure all children are accounted for at all times
    2. Seasonal surprises (holiday parties, team parties, birthday celebrations, etc)
  3. **PLEASE NOTE** Each INDIVIDUAL parent is responsible for their child’s belongings once the team starts their warm-up time. NO cell phones, drinks, food, bags, warm-up pants and jackets, etc. are allowed backstage during warm-ups or competition. The coaches and team parent(s) cannot be responsible for every member of the team’s belongings, so please make sure to adhere to this.
  4. Efficient and timely communication with all parents via social media, emails or Group Me. However, it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure they are following or registered with the proper channels AS WELL AS continue to stay involved to make sure they have up to date information.




            The philosophy of the TOP FLIGHT program is to teach our athletes how to “win”. By our definition, winning is giving everything you’ve got to the task at hand. We want our athletes to become winners not just in cheerleading, but in any endeavor they choose. We want to invoke work habits that will lead them to excellence throughout their lives. Most of all, we want to teach them the value of growing in their Christian faith, self-discipline, confidence, persistence, and teamwork. In order for someone to be “TOP of the flight”, they must be confident in their ability to learn new skills, be prepared to pursue those skills in order to succeed, and overcome the ego in the service of a higher cause. Once they learn the importance of these values, they can accomplish anything.

Team Member Objectives

            What should a team member’s primary objective be? To win every competition? No. Those are accomplishments that should be a by-product rather than the goal of genuine teamwork. A squad member’s primary objective is quite simple:

            To contribute as much as possible to the success of 1) the program; 2) their team, and 3) themselves.

Work Ethic

            In regard to work ethic and self-discipline, the philosophy of TOP FLIGHT is “It is easier to make a good cheerleader out of a hard worker than it is to make a hard worker out of a good cheerleader”. The harder you work, the easier it is for us to help you to improve. Of course, a good cheerleader with a strong work ethic is best.


            Sportsmanship and team unity are very important to our organization. Please be courteous and considerate to all athletes and parents. This includes other cheer programs and other TOP FLIGHT teams. Please do not speak negatively about any person, decision, or competition result. We strive to teach our athletes respect and sportsmanship. Any athlete OR parent who behaves in a manner we view as inappropriate may be asked to leave a competition venue, and even the All-Star program in general.


            All music, cheers, dances, stunts, and any choreography or ideas presented to athletes during practices are to remain confidential and should not be discussed, taught, or given to others outside of our program. We put great effort in giving each team original material and we do not wish for it to be shared with friends, school teammates, athletes, or parents of other programs. You may not use any of our material for any other squad or recreational group.

**Athletes AND parents are STRICTLY forbidden to share video across any platform (text, email, social media, etc) until the season is over. Still photography is allowed. Failure to abide by this rule may result in dismissal of the All-Star program immediately and all tuition/fees for the remainder of the season will still be due.**



Responsibilities of the coaches:

  • To prepare the athletes as a group and as individuals to perform and present our program in the best possible light
  • To do the above in the safest manner possible, and adhere to all safety guidelines via USASF.
  • To keep the best interest of the athletes at heart and care for them as people as well as athletes
  • To stress the value of personal morals, academics, healthy lifestyle choices, and being a good role model
  • To recruit new athletes to the program so that our family may grow
  • To teach the athletes the value of self-discipline, confidence, persistence, and teamwork
  • To give 100% of what we are capable of every day to help the athletes be the best that they can be
  • To make decisions and take action based upon 1) the good of the program, 2) the good of the team, 3) the good of the individual athletes, and 4) our own personal good

Responsibilities of the athletes:

  • To be at EVERY practice
  • To give 100% of themselves at every practice and to do their best to leave their “outside world” problems outside of practice
  • To recruit new athletes to the program so that our family may grow
  • To accept coach discipline as final and to accept responsibility for their actions
  • To support their teammates 100% every day so that their team can be the best that it can be
  • To completely obey the coaches during the practice session (meaning RESPECT- listen and pay attention)
  • To not tumble at any other gym unless mandated by their school
    • We at TOP FLIGHT have a tried and true method for teaching our athletes. We do not want to confuse our athletes with different methods. Also, we do not believe in the “hurry up” approach. The athlete should show mastery of a skill before being allowed to attempt it on his/her own. This is for the athlete’s safety as well as for the athlete to develop the skills necessary to have consistent tumbling skills. Before giving up on our system, make sure you have taken full advantage of your practice times and the facility as well as conditioning at home and speaking with the coaches about what you can do to accelerate your child’s learning. Be very reasonable about your child’s learning abilities. In my experience, it takes a minimum of 1 full year for the average person to obtain a back handspring and round-off back handspring, and 2 years to fully master the skills. Your child may be above or below the curve.)
  • To clean the gym of any debris left by their squad prior to leaving the practice area
  • To not sit during practice times unless told by an instructor to do so
  • To work as a team and not allow friendships or non-friendships have a negative effect on the team
  • To make decisions and take action based upon 1) the good of the program, 2) the good of the team, and 3) the good of his/her self


Responsibilities of the Parent:

  • To keep your account current so that we can run our program efficiently
  • To let the coaches do all of the coaching and to be quiet spectators at showcases
  • To contact the head coach after/before practice if they have an issue what needs to be addressed, and to address that issue ONLY with the head coach
  • To support coach discipline
  • To recruit new athletes and parents to the program so that our family may grow
  • To support their athlete 100% in what they are capable of doing so that the athlete can be the best that he or she can be
  • To make decisions and take action based upon 1) the good of the program, 2) the good of the teams 3) the good of their athlete, and 4) the good of his/her self
  • Plan your outside life schedule around practice and competition times (dinner, homework time, transportation, school projects, birthday parties, family vacations, etc.)
  • Check your e-mail/Group Me REGULARLY so that you know what is going on from day to day. (Sometimes we have last minute changes that we do not know about until the night before, so please provide an e-mail address in which the messages come to your phone or that you are able to check from home.)

Injuries/ Illness

      Any illness or injury should be reported to the head coach immediately!

      Any injury suffered during practices, performances, or other functions will be treated by the individual’s personal physician, but the athlete will receive on-site first aid when available. All expenses for such shall be paid by the squad member’s personal insurance. The individual will provide all expenses for treatment beyond insurance coverage. All squad members are required to provide the All-Star program with proof of medical insurance before their first practice. Individuals without insurance will not be allowed to join the All-Star program. Squad members are also required to notify the office of insurance plan changes.

      If an injury or illness incapacitates a squad member, he/she shall not be permitted to practice and cheer for a period of time as determined by his/her personal physician. Squad members are required to provide documentation to the head coach/ office manager of an injury or illness within 24 hours of seeing the doctor. For the health of the athletes, any cheerleader missing a practice due to injury or illness will not be allowed to practice without a written clearance or documentation of when the athlete may return to normal physical activity by a doctor (to be kept on file with TOP FLIGHT).

      If the squad member’s personal physician recommends that a squad member no longer cheer due to injury or health problems, the squad member may be removed from the squad. If chronic injury or illness causes a squad member to miss performances or practices repeatedly, the squad member may be removed from the squad by the head coach.





      The athletic activity in cheerleading has resulted in an increased concern for safety. Cheerleading involves a variety of gymnastics, motions, partner stunts, rotations, pyramids, dance, and heights. Participation in cheerleading involves a certain amount of danger of personal injury. In becoming a participant in this program, a cheerleader voluntarily assumes the risk involved by participating in cheerleading practices, performances, and other activities. In order to protect both the staff and athletes of Top Flight Cheer, there will be cameras installed that will video 24/7 on a closed circuit network.
Tara Kennedy and Alisha Caton will be the ONLY people with access to video footage.

      The All-Star program has adopted the USASF Safety Guidelines. Copies are readily available for review on the Internet.

Dress Code

            Cheerleaders will be required to wear certain clothing at practice (purchased as part of your package). Hair should be in a SECURED ponytail (not needing to be fixed every 2 minutes during practice) and off of the collar. ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED IN PRACTICE OR DURING COMPETITION. Cheer shoes with white low or no-show socks are to be worn- NO BARE FEET OR SOCKS ONLY! If a cheerleader chooses to violate this dress code in any manner your athlete may be asked to sit out of practice OR punishment may be given in the form of extra conditioning at the end of practice, performance, or competition; whichever is applicable.





Practice Information

The All-Star season runs from May 2023  through April 2024. Each All-Star team will practice weekly based upon upcoming events, team preparedness, and gym availability. The length and number of practices as well as practice schedules may change as we enter new phases of our season. Some months may have more and/or longer practices than others.

Squad members need to arrive at practice 10-15 minutes early to pay fees, tape up, stretch, etc. Please be sure your athlete is prepared for practice (hair pulled back, proper practice attire, shoes, etc.). He/she should also plan on staying 10-15 minutes after practice for meetings, extra practice, etc. All squad members should coordinate transportation accordingly. Please note that towards competition time, practices may run late and extra practices may be scheduled in advance or last minute.

No food or snacks are allowed during practice unless needed for medical conditions.


Attendance Policy

            An absence is an absence whether excusable or not. If you wish to keep your spot on the team and placement in the routine (and improve your skills) attendance is crucial. Not showing up for practice for ANY reason may cause you to lose your spot and/or be placed on alternate status. The two weeks of practices leading up to competition MUST be attended. Plan to attend extra practices, especially the week of and/or night before competition! DO NOT plan to travel early unless you have received confirmation from the head coach that we will not have practice! If you miss any one of these you may (at the coach’s discretion) be immediately placed on alternate status and not be permitted to attend the competition! (No refunds of competition fees.) If you are planning a mini vacation around a competition, please plan to do so AFTER the competition to avoid missing practices leading up to competition. Tardiness to any practice is unacceptable.g.

            Being a TOP FLIGHT All-Star cheerleader is mentally, as well as physically, demanding. The staff at TOP FLIGHT wants (and expects) our athletes to be good students inside and outside of the gym. Please learn to manage your time wisely and be diligent in completing homework, projects, papers, and studying ahead of time so that you can attend all practices and continue to pursue your athletic dreams.

Communication Information

            We all like to know our schedules in advance, however, no matter how well we plan, changes almost always must be made. It is essential that we be able to contact you in the event that we need to pass along important information.

            Our primary means of communication are e-mail and GroupMe; however, if you don’t have access to a computer on a daily basis, please let your Crew Chief(s) know AND pair up with another parent who is willing to call you and notify you of any and all changes or information passed along. Please remember it is YOUR responsibility to ask questions and know what is going on with your athlete’s team. It is pertinent that you check your e-mail regularly. My suggestion would be to provide us with an e-mail address that delivers to your cell phone or an e-mail address that you can check every morning and every night. We often have to update or change information the night before due to slow communication from the competition companies or last minute arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances.

            PLEASE understand that ALL information regarding competitions will be sent out to you as soon as we have determined when/where to meet. There is no need to ask for this information; we will give it to you automatically. We want to plan ahead as well and do the best we can to pass the information along in a timely manner.

            It is your responsibility to make sure that you check your e-mail so that you stay informed about everything from extra practices to gym closings.

            Be prepared to attend parent meetings from time to time. We try to schedule these just before or after practice to make it convenient for you to attend. If you absolutely must miss a meeting, please send a representative to take notes for you. It is hard for our coaches and office manager to stop what they are doing to try to catch you up to speed on everything discussed at the meeting.


Competition Etiquette

During competition times:

  • All cheerleaders will be required to wear certain clothing, a certain hair style, and certain light make-up while in attendance (NO EXCEPTIONS- if you are not willing to abide by this, do not register)
  • Absolutely no jewelry of any kind is to be worn (this includes studs and belly rings)
  • Absolutely no nail polish other than clear is to be worn.
     (clear or white f
    rench/american tips are allowed but nails can not be longer than 1/4in from fingertip.)
  • All cheerleaders will stay with their team during the competition
  • No boyfriends or girlfriends are allowed to sit with the athletes during the competition
  • While in uniform, all athletes must be on their best behavior. Rude or vulgar behavior, gestures, or language will not be tolerated and could result in disciplinary actions or removal from the program.
  • Anyone caught speaking with the competition officials can jeopardize our scoring and relationship with that company, and they may be expelled from the program.
  • Anyone arguing with or questioning the coaching staff during a competition or at the competition venue may be dismissed from the program.  



Competition Information

            Local Events

From time to time, cheerleaders will attend special local events, performances, etc. In these instances, the coaching staff will try to give members as much prior notice as possible. However, please expect last minute changes. Cheerleaders should understand that every performance goes towards their personal improvement as a cheerleader and the improvement of the squad as a whole.

Who Participates?

            Sometimes a squad member will involuntarily not be selected for a certain performance, routine, etc. The head coach will make this decision with input from the coaching staff. The head coach will make the final judgment. In such instances, these individuals will be considered alternates. The role of the alternate is to attend every function, practice, performance, etc. to take responsibility for improving his/her skills, and to support the team. The last thing an alternate should do is miss a practice or performance because they are “not in the routine”. When possible, coaches will be provided to assist the alternates not performing with the squad. In terms of travel, alternates are strongly encouraged to go with the team. This gives the alternate a chance to participate in the event of routine change, illness, or injury.

Competition Attendance

            ALL athletes must be present at ALL TOP FLIGHT competition times. NO EXCEPTIONS! All cheerleaders will be given a time and place to meet to warm-up for their performance; do not be late! All functions deemed mandatory by coaches are as important as competitions and will be treated as such. Choosing not to attend these functions will be like choosing not to attend competition and could cause you to lose your spot on the team.

            All athletes are to be at the designated meeting place on time and ready to compete. This means: hair and make-up done; uniform and cheer shoes on; ready to warm-up and practice. If you need to arrive early to do hair and make-up, that is fine, but be ready to go when it is time.



            All meeting times/ competition/ venue information will be e-mailed as information becomes available.

            Competition hotels and food costs are NOT included in your fees. These are YOUR responsibility. If your athlete is traveling with a chaperone, please make arrangements well in advance (deadlines will be given) and be sure to send with him/her (or the chaperone):

  • Enough money to cover your athlete’s share of the hotel room
  • Enough money to cover your child’s share of the transportation cost
  • At least $50 per day for food/souvenir shopping/unexpected expenses for supplies left at home (such as shampoo, bloomers, hair accessories, etc).

BE ADVISED: Just so there is NO confusion whatsoever, this is how it works: Our chaperones do not incur any cost for transporting or rooming with your child. The room/gas/parking is split between the number of  ATHLETES.




            You will have the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities to help you make payments on your account. We also encourage you to go out and ask for donations or fundraise for yourself. All donations/fundraising by an individual will go to that individual’s account for their own personal expenses. The fundraising opportunities will be set up so as to allow the cheerleader to offset costs as much or as little as he/she wishes. Those choosing not to fundraise are still responsible for paying all expenses according to the payment schedule provided.

            TOP FLIGHT does not promise to offer fundraisers in regular intervals. It is our primary focus to ready your athlete and their respective teammates for competition. The staff makes every effort to offer fundraisers when time permits, as we very much want to have as many participants in our program as possible; however, we cannot guarantee that they will be offered at everyone’s convenience. If you are interested in being the fundraising coordinator, PLEASE let Alisha or Tara know! It would be to everyone’s benefit to have a fundraising coordinator, as this will greatly increase the number of fundraiser activities. Please note that this position is entirely voluntary and no compensation is provided, though it can be of great benefit to you.





  • A serious violation of the rules or repeated violations shall result in a parent/coach conference. Persistent violations could result in dismissal from the squad with NO REFUND and expectancy of contractual financial obligations to be met.
  • TOP FLIGHT reserves the right, at any time and without warning, to dismiss an athlete from practice sessions, warm-ups, performances, etc. Dismissal can last for any length of time and is determined by the head coach.
  • Coaches will not discuss, entertain, or solicit suggestions from parents involving routine placement (who goes in front, etc.), who stunts where, or what squad each individual competes on. Any parent approaching a coach, coordinator, or staff member with questions regarding these issues will be cut off immediately. Any parent found to be complaining/discussing these issues with other parents may be asked to pull their athlete from the program with NO REFUND and expectancy of contractual financial obligations to be met.
  • Parents should also be aware that at this level of competition, there will be many times where your athlete will come home frustrated with not just his/her team members, but also with him/herself, as well as the ‘unfairness’ of the coaches, teammates, and life. Frustration, anger, crying, and grumbling are unfortunately what every competitive team goes through. Realize that these emotions are a result of wanting to achieve a certain level of success and not being able to obtain that level as quickly as desired. Parent support is vital to achieving a positive gym morale.
  • ALL practices/clinics/lessons are CLOSED to parents/guardians/friends, etc.  
  • The coaches will decide at what level each team will compete at in competitions.
  • All team and routine decisions are left to the discretion of the coaches. Any new team item or suggestion will go before Kat.
  • Anyone threatening to quit or pull their athlete from the team may be dismissed from the program immediately with all fees owed according to the contract.
  • We will have frequent Parent Showcases throughout the season to showcase to your TOP FLIGHT family what these athletes have been working on.
  • Parents are NOT allowed on the practice floor. If a parent needs to speak with a coach, you can call or e-mail to make an appointment. Practice/class time is NOT an appropriate time.
  • A coach may change, add, or subtract any rule throughout the season, and the head coach may change any portion of this handbook (with notification) at any time in order to benefit any or all All-Star teams.
  • TOP FLIGHT is an All-Star squad and does not ever compete against high school, Pop-Warner, or other “non-All-Star” teams. Participation in an All-Star program is not, never has been, and never will be a “conflict of interest: with any school related, Pop-Warner, or any other outside cheer squad (except other All-Star teams). Anyone who tells you that you may not be a part of their squad (including school teams) because of your involvement in another cheer program or tells you that you must choose one or the other is violating your rights under federal law (Freedom of Assembly) and they can be subject to legal action.
  • Cheerleaders and parents should know that the purpose of the All-Star program is to help and not hurt their cheerleading career. With this in mind, parents, cheerleaders, and other interested parties are to understand the All-Star program encourages participation in outside cheerleading (school squad, Pop-Warner, etc.), as well as other sports and activities that your athlete may desire to be a part of. HOWEVER, it is the squad member’s responsibility to coordinate the details of attendance with any other extracurricular activity with TOP FLIGHT All-Stars program being priority over the others. Be aware that the Full Year All-Star season is YEAR-ROUND May 2023- April 2024.



Tuition/Uniform fee is charged to each All-star member to cover coaching for team practices, tumbling/skills classes, uniforms, operating expenses, choreography cost, competition music and competition fees.

            When you join an All-Star team, your monthly tuition will include bi-weekly team practices and skill/tumbling class(es).

            In order to improve your skills, private lessons are also available for $35.00 per ½ hour. You can schedule these as often as you like (coach’s schedule permitting).

            Payments are due on the FIRST of every month. If you pay your tuition fees for the entire year in advance, you will receive a 10% discount on tuition. We are unable to offer a discount on other fees (uniforms, competition fees, etc…) since you will pay the actual cost on these items. Payments not received by the 15th will automatically be charged to the card on file, unless otherwise specified. If you choose to make a different form of payment, you are still expected to make your payment by the 15th.

*There is a $50 service fee for all returned checks and a $20 service fee for declined credit cards and late payments!

            In the event that a squad member must leave the squad for any reason, all previously owed fees are NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the number of practices, competitions, or events attended. This includes any sponsorship or fundraised monies. You will still be required to pay all remaining tuition for the remainder of the year.

            If you decide to quit the TOP FLIGHT team at any point during the season, you must present a letter in writing and pay a $650 cancellation fee or the remaining tuition/fees that are due for the remainder of the season (whichever one is greater). In the event of injury, the squad member is still required to pay all monthly fees and attend all practices possible during the injury to continue fitness training and remain up-to-speed for when he/she returns to practice. If an injury requires your child to be out for the year, bring a doctor’s note stating so and you may not be required to continue paying tuition. The ONLY exception to this is in the event of a communicable illness such as mononucleosis, chicken pox, or the flu. In this case, the athlete will not be allowed to attend practice even to watch. This also applies to squad members on alternate status.


General Booster Fund Information

We have decided to incorporate a General Booster Fund into our program. This fund will allow us to provide those ‘extras’ that everyone enjoys, as well as cover extra expenses that are sometimes unforeseen (i.e. shipping costs; new ribbons because so many have been lost; per team registration fees; etc.). This money will be collected from our Booster Fund sponsorship fundraiser and will be put into a separate booster account so that its usage can easily be tracked if there are any questions.


  • Organize social events to promote squad bonding, such as Christmas/End of the Year party; monthly birthday celebrations; lock-ins; special stunt clinics
  • Organize exhibitions in the community (performing for the community and promoting our All-Stars program to the community)
  • Finding venues to publicize TOP FLIGHT achievements throughout the season (newspaper, local magazines, WSFA, etc.)
  • Providing sponsorships for senior All-Star team members in yearbooks; providing sponsorships for All-Star team members active in other organizations


Our first BOOSTER fundraiser of the season will be our sponsorship fundraiser. Sponsorship sheets will be sent out in an e-mail so that you can print as many as you may need. Pass them out to family, friends, co-workers and anyone else you know. Each sponsorship will be sold for $250 for the season and will include a 3x5 ft banner with the company logo/sponsor name that will hang in the gym for the full year season. If you know someone who owns a business, this is a great way for him or her to get inexpensive advertising and support the area's newest All-Star gym. All sponsorships need to be sold, paid for and artwork in house by April 15th so that we can get banners printed and hung by opening day.




TOP FLIGHT is not classified as a not-for-profit organization, so any sponsorship made cannot be deducted as a charitable contribution. It can, however, be written off as an advertising expense. We are open to suggestions, so if you have any ideas, please contact Tara or Alisha to set up an appointment.




ALL COSTS LISTED BELOW ARE GOOD FAITH ESTIMATES AND ARE INCLUDED IN YOUR PAYMENT SCHEDULE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. Although we try to be as accurate as possible, it is impossible for us to foresee some costs this far ahead of time. Over-estimated costs will be used to cover the under-estimated costs. If there were to be any amount left over at the end of the season (however, this is very unlikely) the coaches will make a decision (with your input taken into consideration) on how to use these funds to provide something beneficial for the TOP FLIGHT All-Star program as a whole.



Full Year Competition Team Registration                             $100.00

(includes practice uniform)


Monthly Gym Tuition (May 2023-April 2024)                     $200.00/mo (May 2023- April 2024)

(includes team practices, tumbling                               classes, specialty classes such as strength/conditioning, custom music, choreography and competition fees- estimated at SIX (6) competitions for the season, additional competitions will be an additional expense)


Uniform/Attire                                                                             $600.00

(includes skirt, top, mesh, skirt,
               bloomers, hair accessory, warm up jacket, warm      up pants and competition coverup)

** Monthly tuition fee discount available for families with 2 or more team athletes. Please see Alisha for details.




*Note: Payment is always due on the FIRST of each month
(unless otherwise specified).


MAY 1st, 2023                                                 $300 ($200 Tuition, $100 uniform fee)

JUNE 1st, 2023                                                 $300 ($200 Tuition, $100 uniform fee)

JULY 1st, 2023                                                 $300 ($200 Tuition, $100 uniform fee)

AUGUST 1st, 2023                                           $300 ($200 Tuition, $100 uniform fee)

SEPTEMBER 1st, 2023                                     $300 ($200 Tuition, $100 uniform fee)

OCTOBER 1st, 2023                                         $300 ($200 Tuition, $100 uniform fee)

NOVEMBER 1st, 2023                                      $200 ($200 Tuition)

DECEMBER 1st, 2023                                       $200 ($200 Tuition)

JANUARY 1st, 2024                                         $200 ($200 Tuition)

FEBRUARY 1st, 2024                                       $200 ($200 Tuition)

MARCH 1st, 2024                                            $200 ($200 Tuition)

APRIL 1st, 2024                                                $200 ($200 Tuition)


*** If you would like to start fundraising NOW, please volunteer to be the fundraising coordinator!***



2023-2024 TOP FLIGHT All-Star Contract

               We understand the commitment that we are making as a family to the TOP FLIGHT coaches and staff, other parents, and all team members. We intend to participate for the entire season from May 2023 until the end of April 2024. If for some reason circumstances occur that require our departure from the program, we do not expect any refund of owed fees to such date and understand that we are required to pay all tuition for the remainder of the season at that time or a $650 cancellation fee (whichever one is greater). We understand that fees are due as outlined in the payment schedule. We understand that if payment is not made according to the payment schedule that TOP FLIGHT has the right to use an electronic method of collecting payment with the credit or debit card that TOP FLIGHT requires me to put on file. TOP FLIGHT also has the right to place my athlete on participation suspension until my account is brought current. If my account is past due by more than 60 days, I understand that the account will be turned over to a collection agency and I will be responsible for all fees associated with said collection agency.

We understand that consistent negative conversation will not be tolerated and if it becomes detrimental to team unity and chemistry, the parties involved may be dismissed from the program and prohibited from attending practices and competitions.

We understand that this team handbook, the information therein, and this contract are trade secrets and are property of TOP FLIGHT. With this knowledge, I will not disclose this team handbook nor discuss any of the policies and procedures herein with anyone not involved in the TOP FLIGHT program. Also, I will not use it to develop or promote any existing cheer programs or to create any new cheer programs.

We understand that registering for a season shows intent to participate. If we do not intend to participate, we understand that we must submit our intent to withdraw from the program as a 2-weeks-notice in writing.

By initialing beside each section below, I acknowledge that I have fully read and understand, as well as agree to, the terms and conditions of each section provided in the TOP FLIGHT All-Star handbook (Both Parent/Guardian and Athlete initials):

_____    _____ Description of the Top Flight All-Star Program


By initialing beside each section below, I acknowledge that I have fully read and understand, as well as agree to, the terms and conditions of each section provided in the TOP FLIGHT All-Star handbook (Both Parent/Guardian and Athlete initials):

_____    _____ Teams/Divisions

_____    _____ Evaluations

_____    _____ Participation

_____    _____ Crew Chiefs (Team Parent(s))



Philosophy and Objectives

_____    ______ Team Member Objectives

_____    ______ Work Ethic

_____    ______ Sportsmanship

_____    ______ Choreography

Code of Conduct

_____    ______ Responsibilities of the coaches

_____    ______ Responsibilities of the athletes

_____    ______ Responsibilities of the parent(s)

_____    _____ Injuries/ Illness

_____    _____ Safety

_____    _____ Dress Code

_____    _____ Practice Information

_____    _____ Attendance Policy

_____    _____ Communication Information

_____    _____ Competition Etiquette

Competition Information

_____    _____ Local Events

_____    _____ Who Participates?

_____    _____ Competition Attendance


By initialing beside each section below, I acknowledge that I have fully read and understand, as well as agree to, the terms and conditions of each section provided in the TOP FLIGHT All-Star handbook (Parent/Guardian only):

_____ Travel

_____ Fundraising

_____ Additional Important Notes

_____ Fee Breakdown

_____ General Booster Fee Information

_____ 2023-2024 Estimated Costs and Payment Schedule

_____ 2023-2024 Payment Schedule


By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the TOP FLIGHT All-Star Handbook and all time commitments required of me set forth herein. By signing below, I also agree to all expectations and commitments of my athlete and me set forth in the TOP FLIGHT All-Star Handbook.



Parent: _____________________________                         Date: ___________________


Witness: ____________________________                         Date: ___________________


Athlete: ____________________________                          Date: ___________________



(Please initial and sign above and turn in the original copy to TOP FLIGHT. We will provide a copy for your records. Please keep the team handbook for your future references.)





Although TOP FLIGHT requires my credit card/ payment information during online registration, I understand that my account is NOT charged at this time. I understand that I am able to make my payments in the form of cash, money order, check, or debit/credit card on or before the due date.

When I provide a check as payment, I authorize TOP FLIGHT to process the payment as a check transaction. I understand that these funds may be withdrawn from my account as soon as the same day that I provide the payment. I understand that if my check is returned for any reason, I am responsible for providing a different form of payment in the amount of the check plus a $50.00 returned check fee. In the event that my check is returned, I understand that TOP FLIGHT will attempt to charge my credit/debit card on file for the amount of the returned check plus the $50.00 returned check fee.

If my payment remains unpaid at the close of business on the due date, I authorize TOP FLIGHT to charge my credit/debit card for the amount due in order to avoid late fee penalties.

If my account remains unpaid due to a credit card rejection, I understand and agree to pay a fee of $5.00 that will be applied to my account for a declined card transaction.

 If my account remains unpaid past the late fee date provided, I understand and agree to pay a late fee of $20.00 that will be applied to my account.

If my account is past due by more than 60 days, I understand that the account will be turned over to a collection agency and I will be responsible for all fees associated with said collection agency.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the TOP FLIGHT All-Star Handbook and its contract. By signing below, I also acknowledge that I understand and agree to all time and financial commitments set forth herein.


Parent: _____________________________                         Date: ___________________


Witness: ____________________________                         Date: ___________________


Parent’s name (please print): ____________________________

Parent’s name (please print): ____________________________

Athlete’s name (please print): ___________________________


(Please sign above and turn in original copy to TOP FLIGHT)



Athlete’s Name ________________________________ Date of Birth:_____________________

Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________Contact Phone: ____________________

Email Address__________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________Contact Phone: ____________________

Email Address__________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________

City, AL, Zip Code ___________________________________________________________


T Shirt size _______

Shorts size ________

Shoe size ________


Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in learning more about:


Crew Chief _______

Fundraising Coordinator________

Merchandise Coordinator ________

Booster Fund Coordinator ________






I, ________________________________ (please print name), authorize TOP FLIGHT Cheer to charge my card if balance remains past the due date of the 15th of every month and in agreement with the 2023-2024 payment schedule.


Card Type: _____ Visa ______MasterCard _____ Discover _____ AMEX


Name on Card _______________________________________________________

Card Number ________________________________________________________

Exp Date ____________________                                         CVV ______________

Billing Address ______________________________________________________

City, State, Zip ______________________________________________________


Signature _____________________________________ Date ________________






Athlete’s Name _________________________________

In an effort to be conscientious about online privacy, we are requesting photo releases from you allowing us to post/not post images of your athlete on the Top Flight Cheer (TFC) website, social media pages as well as media publications in order to promote TFC registrations, events, accomplishments, etc. Athletes will not be identified by name in any photo or text UNLESS we are doing an athlete spotlight in which you will provide the content for such. Please understand that others outside of TFC may tag your athletes. If there is ever a concern/issue, please contact Tara Kennedy or Alisha Caton immediately.


Please check one of the following:

____ YES, I allow Top Flight Cheer to post video/images of my athlete on Top Flight Cheer’s website, social media pages and in local media publications.


____ NO, I do not wish to have photos/videos of my athlete posted on Top Flight Cheer’s website, social media pages and in local media publications.


Parent/Guardian Printed Name ____________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________

Date Signed _____/______/______